Mustien siipien suojassa

Mon 10 Sep 2018 / 7.30 p.m. / Camerata

Finnish Soloists’ Association

Jarkko Hartikainen’s EMBODIED: Violin Solo was commisioned by Eriikka Maalismaa and first performed in Avanti Summer Sounds in June 2018.

Composer Niilo Tarnanen tells about his work UR: “UR (2017) for guitar and accordion has been inspired by the miracle of life. Vague earlier ideas for a guitaraccordion duo commissioned by guitarist Jonne Grans and accordionist Matti Pulkki gave way and became secondary when my son was born. In labour, my wife started humming a steady tone of relatively low pitch in order to relieve the pain. I found myself adding an octave, tenth, or twelveth below her voice in order to do participate in a meaningful way. The experience was profound and mundane at once.

After some hasty sketching I soon met Jonne and Matti in order to test the acoustic qualities and instrumental aspects of the ’Ursatz’ of what would become UR. The formal idea of recombination and improvisation in a rondoish framework was refined during pram walks with the newborn.

Unfortunately, in late 2016, I lost all recordings and almost all other notes from the workshop with Jonne and Matti. Thus, when I finally wrote the eventual score in August 2017, I had to trust my repeatedly confabulated schemes. A fitting process for the content.”

April Evenings for Black Twins is a sonata with five movements and a virtuoso piece for two grand pianos inspired by April evenings. Because ”the twins” are identical they are not individuals but together they create an orchestral super instrument – especially when the rhythmic co-ordination requires the instruments to be placed closely together. The players inspire each other to run – kind of like me and my jogging buddy, pianist Pasi Helin whose wish it was to compose this piece.”– Mikko Heiniö

Enno Poppe’s Rad for two microtonal samplers is a classic. Poppe is one of the most noteworthy composers of our time, and even though his works are sometimes performed in Finland, Rad has not been one of them.

Klemola’s brand new Etude 2 for two keyboard players contains some spectacular rhythmic fireworks. It serves as an introduction to Poppe’s work and receives its first performance in this concert.

Jarkko Hartikainen: EMBODIED: Violin Solo (2018)

Eriikka Maalismaa, violin

Niilo Tarnanen: UR (2017) (first performance)

Matti Pulkki, accordion
Jonne Grans, guitar

Mikko Heiniö: “April evenings for black twins” Sonata for two pianos (2015)
1. Introduction & Rondo
2. Intermezzo 1
3. Aria
4. Intermezzo 2
5. Finale & Coda”

Christian Erbslöh, piano
Ursula von Lerber, piano

Sami Klemola: Etydi 2 (2017-18) for two keyboards (first performance)
Enno Poppe: Rad (2003) for two keyboards

Mirka Viitala, keyboard
Emil Holmström, keyboard

Tickets 17,5 / 11 / 6 € (including a service charge) Ticketmaster or 15 / 10 / 5 € from the Helsinki Music Centre Service Desk. Tickets go on sale shortly.

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