Don’t Speak – Don’t Say A Word

PLEASE NOTE that due to illness the date has been changed. The concert will be held on Fri 28 Feb / 8.00 p.m. / Camerata

Jutta Seppinen & Petri Kekoni

  • Heinz-Juhani Hofmann: Ihmissydän – monologiooppera laulajalle ja ääninauhalle

Heinz-Juhani Hofmann: Ihmissydän (Human Heart) – monologue opera for singer and tape

Mezzo-soprano and sound material on tape Jutta Seppinen

Choreographer Petri Kekoni

Sound technician Anders Pohjola

Heinz-Juhani Hofmann’s monoloque opera Ihmissydän deals with extreme violence that exists in all societies. This violence seldom enters the headlines and there are no winners or heroes. It usually happens inside the four walls of a home and there is no way to protect oneself from it. The sexual abuse of children destroyes its victim even long after the concrete events, usually for decades. What is worse, it destroyes the victims trust in oneself.

Hofmann has succeeded in opening a window into a traumatized and dissociated mind. The mosaic structure of Ihmissydän depicts in a heartfelt manner the heroic ability of a child to divide the self in order to preserve at least a part of an untouched core.

Ihmissydän was premiered in 2011 and will now return as a new version. The work is written for and dedicated to Jutta Seppinen. The duration of the work is 60 minutes and it is restricted only for audiences over 18 years of age.

The performance is part of CHANGEnsembles concert activities, that are funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation, Grönqvist Stiftelse  and Svenska Kulturfonden.

Jutta Seppinen website

Tickets 20 / 10 € from Ticketmaster or 17 / 8,50 € from the Helsinki Music Centre Service Desk.