In Broken Reflections

Mon 14 Oct / 7.30 p.m. / Camerata


  • Johanna Eränkö (1981-): Erosion (2019)
  • Hector Parra (1976-): Time Fields III (2004)
  • Elena Mendoza (1973-): Diptico (2003/2004) ekS.
  • Nuño Fernández Ezquerra (1992-): Offsprings of Wrath (2014) ekS.
  • Kai Nieminen (1953-): In Broken Reflections (2019) ke.
  • Through Times , Scapes and Mirrors

Tommi Hyytinen, Horn

Zagros Ensemble

Petri Komulainen, conductor

Spanish new music meets fresh Finnish works from 2019 in Zagros’ concert. The works deal with natural phenomena as well references such as Machaut, Monteverdi and Bach.

EROSION is a work by Johanna Eränkö composed in 2018-19 partly at an artist residency in Iceland, and the work is inspired by erosion of the soil. Hector Parra’s Time Fields III (2004) blends three different musical materials. Diptico (2004) by Elena Mendoza takes its reference from Guillaume Machaut’s (c.1300-1377) Messe de Nostre Dame. Mendoza juxtaposes sound with noise, individual pitches with sound fields, and pulsating rhythm with stasis.

Offsprings of Wrath (2014) by Nuno Fernàndez Ezquerran depicts the composer’s state at the time. It is tense and restless, but finds cohesion through multilayered events.  In Broken Reflections (2019) is a work for horn and string quartet by Kai Nieminen. The premiered work is inspired – in the composer’s words – by Timbre, time perspectives, landscapes, mirrors/reflections, memory and motivic variations.

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The concert will be broadcast by YLE Radio 1